Your bankruptcy has been discharged but that judgment is STILL On CCAP. Bankruptcy is a federal court filing and CCAP contains all state court filings. While the Bankruptcy will wipe out any monetary obligation relating to the debt the bankruptcy will not “satisfy the judgment” on court records. Below are the steps you need to take to satisfy your judgment.

  1. Print off State Court Forms CV-900, CV-901, and CV-902.
  2. From the bankruptcy filing you will need the
    • Notice of Bankruptcy
    • Schedules E/F (the creditors) and
    • The Discharge
  3. You will have complete these forms for each circuit court filing.
  4. Take these documents to the clerk of courts in the county the case(s) were filed in and tell the clerk you need to file them to satisfy the judgment due to Bankruptcy.
  5. There is a small charge for each Satisfaction of Judgment you are filing. This fee is set by the circuit court.
  6. Mail forms 900, 902, Notice, Schedules, and Discharge to EACH creditor. Form 902 needs to be notarized.

If you need assistance obtaining, drafting, and filing these documents please do not hesitate to contact the firm.

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