If you want to plan for the future and manage the present, you should create your personalized social security account. It is quick, secure and easy to create this account. The first step is to visit the Social Security website at https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/. This is your account, and you will have to provide your personal information including security answers. Since this account is your own only you can create it. An attorney cannot do it for you, and you cannot create one for someone else.

There is a second security tool added to this account that will require you to add an email address or telephone number that will be attached to this account. Every time you log into the account you will receive a one-time security code that will be sent to the email address or telephone number you inputted at the time you created the account. You will want to add NO-REPLY@ssa.gov to your email contact list to prevent these emails from getting directed to your spam folder.

Why You Should Create an Account

Why not! This account will allow you to view your Social Security Statement. This statement will include details of how much you have paid to Social Security and Medicare taxes through your wages. You can request a replacement Social Security Card. Also, you can request a benefit verification letter proving you receive or do not receive Social Security Benefits. In this account, you can view your eligibility and earnings needed for qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits.

You will need to create an account in order to start an application for Social Security Disability Benefits. After your application has been submitted you can log into this account to check the status of the application or appeal.

You no longer have to wait on hold and contact your local Social Security Office, you can easily log in anytime you want to check the status.

Many people wonder what amount they will receive monthly if their Social Security Disability Case is won. This amount can easily be found on the online account.

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Account

Write down your username and password and make sure to know which letters are capitalized. Keep this information in a safe place in your home. Sometimes the account will get set up right away but there are times when Social Security will need to mail you a code to complete the registration. This can delay setting up the account by 10-14 business days.

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