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“We believe that the challenges we face often present opportunities for new & better beginnings…sometimes we just need a little help getting there”

Jennifer Chamberlain Bankruptcy attorney in Green Bay

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Are you facing financial troubles?
Is bankruptcy an option for you?

We will take the time to help you figure out if bankruptcy or a repayment plan might be an option for you. We will go over your specific struggles and concerns with you, and answer all of your questions. Together, with you, we will create an action plan to solve your financial problems and get a fresh start.

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Why Should I Consider Vann & Chamberlain?

Because life isn’t easy, and sometimes we all could use a fresh start.

If you’re here, then we know you’re under a lot of stress at the moment. It’s our mission to alleviate that stress and make the legal process as easy as possible for you.

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“I want to thank you for all you have done for me. You have made it easy for me to deal with this Bankruptcy. I would recommend you to anyone. You have been very helpful and so nice. thank you.”

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me! I had lost faith in so many things. There was nothing I could do to make anything better for my daughters life and mine.(at least it seemed that way) I thank u for everything. I am truly grateful for my boss talking me into filing bankruptcy and for choosing you as my attorney!!!”

Latest Publishings

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What Debts Can’t Be Erased in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

For those in Wisconsin overwhelmed with debt, filing for bankruptcy provides for a fresh start. Bankruptcy discharges most types of debt, but it is important to understand what debts do not qualify for discharge.
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How long will it take me to get a divorce from my spouse in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state which means that only one spouse needs to file divorce stating that he or she believes that the marriage is irretrievably broken.
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What is marital property in Wisconsin?

In the state of Wisconsin, marital property is the term used during divorce proceedings to describe property that was acquired after the marriage took place and is shared by both parties.
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Bankruptcy Process: What to Expect in Meeting of Creditor

Filing for Bankruptcy is an unknown process that can be slightly scary and difficult to go through. Understanding the steps in Bankruptcy can alleviate stress.
Veterans Disability Social Security

What Veterans Need to Know About Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

As a Veteran, you can apply for VA benefits through the Veterans Administration. The VA will determine if your disabling condition was incurred or aggravated during active military service.
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Can Bankruptcy Stop My Wage Garnishment?

The most effective way to stop a wage garnishment is to file bankruptcy. Upon filing the creditor must halt garnishment pursuant to the automatic stay. Both a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 will stop a wage garnishment.

Hey, no family is perfect
Explore legal pathways to a happier life

The way your divorce case is handled will have a significant effect on you and your loved ones for years to come. The legal process involved with a divorce can be scary and overwhelming. Our firm looks beyond the legal process in pursuit of a lasting resolution that protects your children and your assets and has you and your children’s long-term well-being in mind. Leaving your spouse is never easy, but we can develop a plan tailored to your needs to help you emerge from your marriage with a solid foundation.

We also assist clients with many other family law matters, including: child support, child custody, post-judgment modification, paternity, and stepparent adoptions. No matter how difficult or complex your family case might seem, we will help you determine what is best for your children’s interest, protect your rights, and prepare you for your upcoming life changes.

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Disabled and Cannot Work?
Social Security benefits could mean everything

If you have come to realization that you cannot work due to a physical or mental disability now might be time to file a Social Security Disability Application.

Your condition is serious and at this point you are struggling to pay bills, afford basic necessities and get through the day. Social Security Benefits can provide you with the financial stability you deserve. The process can be lengthy, complicated, scary, and frustrating but do not let this stop you from applying for the benefits you deserve.

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